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    Fine Details

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    ZEISS Lenses

    Zeiss Lenses

    To ensure superior optical performance, every pair of SHAUNS sunglasses are fitted with ZEISS lenses. Our lenses are tested more thoroughly than any standard or law in the world requires, and incorporate over 150 years of optical expertise.


    The hidden Z engraving on the backside of the lens, ensures you are purchasing a true ZEISS product.

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    Mazzucchelli Acetate

    Mazzucchelli Acetate

    In 1849, the Mazzucchelli family based in Italy invented a high quality plastic known as cellulose acetate. The material is a hypoallergenic natural based resin composed of more than 70% cotton fibers that create the unique combination of a soft, ultra-comfortable feel and the aesthetic beauty we require of our frames.

    We exclusively use acetate produced at the original factory in the Italian countryside.

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    Italian Craftsmanship

    Italian Craftsmanship

    Since the very conception of SHAUNS, a critical component of our philosophy has been to work with the finest artisanal factories in the world.

    Every pair of SHAUNS is handcrafted in small family owned factories at the foot of the Italian Dolomites. Our product is very much a celebration of the passion and skill of these exquisite craftsman.

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    Give Sight

    Give Sight

    Visual impairment hampers performance at school, reduces employability and productivity, and generally lowers quality of life.

    That's why SHAUNS has made a commitment to Give Sight. When you purchase a pair of SHAUNS, we provide an eye exam and a pair of glasses to someone in need. By partnering with leading giving partners around the globe, we are able to ensure that your purchase reaches those for whom the gift of sight can have the biggest impact.

    Our braille S logo visually connects each element of our brand to our mission to reduce visual impairment around the world.